>160 – a poem’s heart

>a poem’s heart can be a fragile one
& we wrap it in layers of words
thick enough to protect its vulnerability
thin enough 2 let u feel
how it beats toward yours

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32 responses to “>160 – a poem’s heart

  1. >Claudia:You always seem to say the most eloquent words, and you manage in so few words to set the tone of a very beautiful zen style poem.nice 160,Joannyhttp://thedowsersdaughter.blogspot.com/

  2. >I love the idea – a poems heart. We are custodians of our poems, a resposibility you've so wonderfully expressed!

  3. >I was at your site this morning. I guess I forgot to leave a comment. But I loved your poem about a poem's heart. It's just such a beautiful thought. I also wrote a piece about the heart of the poem. But was a little confused and when I went to Monkey Man, I saw that he wrote abut something different? So I also wrote about what he wrote about, Summer Heat. Brian then told me it could be anything. So I will do better next time, …..maybe.