>it was the scent that drew me to your garden..
overripe green apples, fallen from the tree
filling the air with compelling fragrance
and i couldn’t and i didn’t want to resist any more

i found you under the apple tree
the most adorable creature i’ve ever seen
felt like my dreams came true
you looked so trustworthy, sweet and promising
and you lifted me with tender and careful hands
and i felt my heart beating against your palms
nervous and excited like a bird
on the first flight

you comforted me and you made love to me
and i forgot what was outside your garden
and lived for the moment
and i got completely lost in your alluring sweetness
and i lied to myself about you..

you were what i longed for when i arrived
and i didn’t see the dragon’s wings on your back
and i didn’t see what was hidden behind your eyes
and when you unveiled yourself, i was scared to death
and the apples started to loose their fragrance
and lay rotten on the ground beneath the tree

by the time i wanted to leave
you were laughing
and i did not see the gate any more
and i was lost in your garden
and i was lost between all those rotten apples
effusing the scent of death
and i got desperate, trying to wound you to be able to run away
my heart beating in a heavy staccato against the palms of your hands
and you laughed … before you closed them…….and crushed me…

with sweat running down my back and with a heart-beat out of control
i stood at this fence and realized –  i didn’t enter your garden
i trembled and every muscle in my body was aching
and my eyes were burning and apple scent was lingering heavily in the air
and still –  it took me everything to turn away – and leave

This poem is for imperfect prose on thursdays and for theme thursday
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32 responses to “>temptation

  1. >Looking back often seems so obvious but we mean well, guess that is what makes it so painful. A painful read indeed. You should have seen my eyebrows rise and then sink..Well done,-J.

  2. >the idea to this post came on a walk when i passed a garden in our neighborhood and the apple scent from that tree was so compelling that i wanted to enter and grab one… and i started to think about the temptations i've been facing (and still do) and about what would've happened if i had entered those gardens…and i thought it's worth to write about it – because everybody's facing temptations, no matter what kind – and it's up to us what we do with them…

  3. >liebe C . danke das Du auf meinenblog geschrieben hast ( eigentlich nicht mein blog ,sondern einer Dame aus Australien und einer aus England ihrer)die haben mich nur als Autor genommem weil ihr blog gestalked wurde ( so was gibt es wirklich )-ich habe gedacht das Zitatsei von Carl Orffhmmm immer was zu lernen 😉

  4. >Yeah, this was incredible, captivating in the garden that wants us so badly! Loved the line . . . "I lied to myself about you" That's just a brilliant observation!

  5. >As always, your poetry is evocatively beautiful. I keep thinking of the verse, "It was for freedom that Christ set us free…" This is a haunting reminder of the cost of giving in to the wiles of our enemy, who seeks to devour and destroy. I think my favorite verse here is:"and my eyes were burning and apple scent was lingering heavily in the air and still – it took me everything to turn away – and leave"

  6. >Claudia, this is brilliant. Really. I can't think of anything I've ever read that describes temptation so compellingly (is compellingly a word?).

  7. >You are such a gifted poet Claudia. I have been in that place, felt all those things. I am so thankful for grace.This was amazing.

  8. >i think this is one of my favorite of your pieces. dragon wings unfurling… oh, the temptation of those apples… this, the garden of eden all over again. utterly beautiful. i'm so honored you linked up, claudia. xo

  9. >Wow, that was scary. I wanted you to get out, to run, to escape. But that was a little sad, too. …..it took me everything to turn away – and leave.

  10. >So intriguing, it made me think of forbidden fruit. The line that caught me was "i didn't see the dragon's wings on your back". I've known people like that. Kinda scary.

  11. >i have dreams, much like your poem, where i succumb to temptation, and then wake in horror only to discover that I actually didn't. Such a good but scary reminder to stay on the narrow path.