>Dwarfs ways

>we hit the road to France today
to find the place where the dwarfs once lived
in caves in a narrow canyon – la “grotte des nains”
we bought baguette and french cheese
and fought our way through the forest
i was talking to a guy in french
and you were impressed
and i liked how you looked when you told me

you were Indiana Jones and i was the woman,
you rescued from her burning pub in Nepal
and our road was steep, small and uphill
and last year’s autumn leaves
were covering the ground
and i wondered how it would feel to love you
on this autumn leaf bed in the forest
but i was exhausted and didn’t suggest to give it a try..

we found the caves – but the dwarfs were hiding
so we could only listen to the trees and rocks
that whispered the stories of the past..
and then we got lost
and Indiana Jones needed all his wits
to get us out of the forest
and i stopped talking
and i stopped listening to the trees and rocks
and i stopped thinking of making love on autumn leaves
and when you fed me with apple slices to keep me going
they tasted of french cheese – and i loved it
and once again you managed to catch me
and i knew – what you’ve done in Nepal
you would do in France – and i started to smile…

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45 responses to “>Dwarfs ways

  1. >your affections for Indiana Jones made me smile. your happiness is wonderfully put here – have a great day, J.

  2. >ooh, claudia, this was superb! at first i was saddened that you didn't come across your dwarfs but then i realized that the moments of pleasure you had might not have been noticed with the satisfaction you had!

  3. >wow! Always enjoy the intimate thought to your work that expresses love and togetherness. The imaginative element of Indiana Jones is a nice touch and makes for very interesting visuals given the setting. thanks, Claudia 🙂

  4. >Oh, what an excellent story of the woman from Nepal and Indiana Jones. I was worried for a minute when they got lost, but the hero came to the rescue. Very romantic.

  5. >Clever use of the Indiana Jones motif to evoke both the adventure drama as well as the masculinity of the hero as a way of blending the inner and outer world of the poem. I have posted two poems this week. On not saying hello is new but Kingpin Baby was posted up on a quiet Sunday so I thought I’d give it another outing. Both are adaption of different formal poetry forms – pantoum and sonnet.

  6. >This is estraordinary. I could smell the leaves, the cheese, even the apple slices. "Indiana Jones and the Ardennes Woods…"

  7. >Such a lovely adventure. I was caught up in the words and the emotion of it all. My daughter is in France just now, and it made it all the more delightful.

  8. >Oh dear this is beautiful..Indiana Jones on poetry. I love everything about him and a huge fan grew up watching all his amazing adventures. The last line.."I knew what you've done in Nepal you would do in France – and i started to smile" sealed it so Indiana right there. Thanks for sharing with One-shot 🙂

  9. >Who wouldn't love to be on a trek with Indy, Nepal, France, in ones back yard, all good, very romantic, and quite a savvy written piece as well.Joannyhttp://thedowsersdaughter.blogspot.com/

  10. >It made me smile… cuz it made me clearly visualize each and every line.. Your imagery here is absolutely fascinating and scintillating!!! Totally loved this read!! It was like watching a movie play in my head… phew! Keep writing, friend… Ohh..and here are some lovely August Awards for you..please feel free to accept as many as you like… (much love..)

  11. >I'm not sure but somehow you stirred sweet emotional senses and made me hungry, lol. Love words upon making love in the Autumn leaves….=) nourishment to keep going given back…YUM, lol. Great writing ~April 🙂

  12. >Your love is so exquisite Claudia. It seeps out of your pores and through your beautiful smile. What a beautiful adventure you took us on. I would have loved to see the dwarves as well, but you showed us something better.Katherine

  13. >Ah, good old Indiana Jones–very entertaining reference. And what could be better for the heroic image? A lovely rumination on the more romantic elements of life.