>Reflections on Sydney


i was no tourist – i was on business
one month in our company’s Sydney office
one month sharing by choice 
kitchen, two bathrooms and life with 30 people
close to Sydney university
instead of staying isolated in a business hotel
one month of crossing harbour bridge on my way to work
worship in hillsong church
connecting to people i have never seen before like they were old friends
after-work ice cream at darling harbor 
always listening to the sound of the city
to the countless stories, it has to tell
the whispering of a lover or heaps of malarky you can’t believe?
a city that tries to seduce you with it’s taste of freedom
and covers your heart with fresh ocean waves
sunday lunch at sydney fish market
ferry to manly – endless beach walks
envying the giraffes at taronga zoo for their breath-taking view of sydney opera house
colleagues at work that included me from the very first minute
drinking in the spirit of a city i fell in love with at first sight
and felt at home the moment i arrived
after 36 hours of traveling
hardly able to keep my eyes open
but what i saw and what i felt between half-closed eyes
was enough to inflame my passion and touch my soul
with small paws of eucalyptus breathing koala bears
which are indeed the only animals that have and leave their fingerprints
…you can detect lots of them … right on my heart…
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16 responses to “>Reflections on Sydney

  1. >oh i would love to visit there sometime…koalas are so cool…there was a cartoon 'quickie koala' we used to watch growing up….went to a hillsong church plant we have a few hours away…very cool…years back i used to travel with work…it was cool getting to see all the places…i dont miss being away from home though…

  2. >love this Claudia – makes me what to get a ticket and head straight there….nice travel post – the giraffe's view of the opera house…wonderful..bkm

  3. >Your sense of community and connection really shines through this description. Sydney sounds like a special place — maybe I will get there someday.

  4. >I live waaa-aaay north of Sydney, and have only ever been there a handful of times. It's a crazy place down there! Still, that's a fine tribute to a city that obviously has had an emotional impact. :)And Taronga Zoo rocks. Would love to visit there again.

  5. >Claudia, Claudia, my blog-Friend howcould EVER I slight you, willfully or not? I AM a follower (now), and have BEEN an actual follower since we first met. ENOUGH of that kind of nonsense–GRIN!I like you too girl, but I am certain you know that.My "real" comment–on your post–will follow in next comment (TWO today, for YOU!!!) Is that not SO SPECIAL!!!!–grin.

  6. >HEY girl, thank you for my FIRST trip to Sydney. And I thoroughly enjoyed it…all the nuances you so expertly gave us to imbibe. I want to go there ALSO.Actually, at age 7, I told mt parents I wanted to live in one of two places, Alaska…or Australia. Guess that is indicative of how much–or little–I liked "home"….PEACE, girl. With my trip coming up–Monday, on the scooter–I will not be blogging or commenting, except sporadically. Back in full swing in September. Please, PLEASE be here……..