>160 – Broken pottery


It got smashed within seconds…
one careless move
and it came crashing 


on me
…and what was left
was broken pottery

….not more and not less…..

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30 responses to “>160 – Broken pottery

  1. >Hope it didn't do any physical damage…and I hope it wasn't a favorite piece (they always seem to be the ones that jump and commit suicide for me!)

  2. >Oh Claudia, an examination of conscience is in order…in college I borrowed (STOLE) from the music department a beautiful and valuable bust of Beethoven.It somehow "became drunk" where I lived, and Beethoven went flying out the window, dropping 400 feet in one second. SMASHHHHH! (Beethoven got busted!) True story. I'm finally sorry, Ludwig….and Claudia!

  3. >the last line is my favorite…"not more and not less…" so true with a lot of broken "things" Nicely done 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  4. >Thank U for the kind words in Joanny's blog regarding her 160 about me,I appreciate your openness in embrace of me, I am not perfect, am simply one of you…God Bless!Happy Monday!