cup of coffee
the house still quiet
gentle breathings
into a rainy day

listen to the silence
and feel
the tender freshness
of a new morning
covering the place
and amply include me
in its spell

untouched so far
like a virgin
the night, she meets
her first lover
and nervous
and excited
like a horse
off to a new ride
into a new land

just sit and watch
the sun taking over
and raindrops glisten
like precious jewels
before evaporating
into the heat of the day

I love mornings – and even if I don’t have to get up early – I will – because I think new mornings are just something so precious and peaceful and full of expectation…
After writing this, I grabbed my guitar and started to sing the song that was humming in my heart “Morning has broken” by Cat Stevens..


18 responses to “>Mornings

  1. >Man merkt, Du hast Urlaub und vieeeeel Zeit! ;-* Aber Du hast schon recht, einer meiner Posts reicht für mindestens zwanzig kleine! *ggg* Ich kann irgendwie nicht kürzer…Ein superschönes Gedicht! Ich kann es so nachvollziehen, obwohl es mir grundsätzlich schwerfällt so früh aufzustehen. Aber vor zwei Jahren auf Mallorca ging es mir genauso, jeden früh wurde ich wach, bin auf den Balkon rausgeschlüpf, hab mich in eine Decke gekuschelt, auf das Meer gesehen und gewartet, dass der Morgen dämmert! Soooooo schöööön!!! Man spürt es fast, bevor man es tatsächlich sehen kann, dass es heller wird, eine tolle Atmosphäre!!!

  2. >This is a beautiful poem, as always. Thanks for this.And your song reference reminded me of my own favourite song, "Feline Groovy" by Tiger Balm. Thanks again.All the best, Boonsong

  3. >I too, love mornings. that has been a great change for me. And you sure grabbed me with that wonderful ln "cup of coffee"!!! Now I shall go have one, a large…What glued me to your thinking however, was in the "lagniappe", as I also EVERY morning feel that sweet nervousness of expectation. I believe I'll also go into the garage (everyone is sleeping here), and play "Morning has Broken" on my violin.Thank you! For this morning, we are the same thinking…Steve

  4. >excellent claudia…you captured what i love most about the mornings…and a good cup of coffee and watching the world come alive around me…hope you have a marvelous weekend!

  5. >I'm with Steveroni and Brian – mornings are automatically made better with coffee. I especially liked how you wrapped the poem up,"just sit and watchthe sun taking over"a sort of wonderful powerlessness that we have the opportunity to watch, and in some small way, contribute to – I think I'll have a cup of coffee now thank you:)Have a great weekend lady!

  6. >simple pleasures used to rock our world, and can once again. life is better this way.lovely.thanks for saying hi. i miss you too. i'll be dropping by more regularly soon.:)

  7. >I love mornings, too! That beautiful silence while sipping coffee before the chaos begins! Thanks for visiting my blog…yours is lovely! I'll visit again! 🙂

  8. >You capture a restlessness and contentment in a single moment. To write with such contrasts is a difficult thing. Nicely done.Dianne

  9. >There is something special and so relaxing about mornings and that first cup of coffee. And I used to really enjoy Cat Stevens' song "Morning Has Broken."

  10. >Hi! Claudia-I have to agree with the previous comments…I too love mornings and (sometimes) coffee.This (your) poem seems to have captured…what every human being feels that enjoy waking to the type of morning that you described in your poem.Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D