>55 – raindrop warriors

>was preparing dinner when it started
did not see it before – but with the rain – the monster awakes
roaring like a lion – rearing up – wild and ecstatic
multiple heads start to move in a fierce dance
attacked by raindrop warriors
that fall&hit in a fast pace
trying to control the restless beast
…basil and i watch – safe behind my kitchen window…

cooking can be so nice with a basil, a bamboo and lots of raindrop warriors as a company – don’t you think?
Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words – and link it back to g-man


31 responses to “>55 – raindrop warriors

  1. >You are so talented!Lovely post, lovely picture, strong sentiment. There's such passion in your work. Thanks.All the best, BoonsongPS: I can't comment about cooking. I need a recipe for toast.

  2. >nicely played claudia…i like to cook on occassion, i leave most of it up to T…but i do love a good storm and watching it roll across the land…nice 55.

  3. >I like the emotion you put into the rain – 'monster awakes.. roaring.. wild and ecstatic..fierce..attacked..safe'wrapped up with safety…Great one!!

  4. >I would be hard pressed to cook while a storm was happening. I would want to be on my porch watching nature.Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.PG

  5. >I tell you this is so realistic. It's like we were going through that with you. Excellent. Have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

  6. >Claudia…I'm so sorry!For some odd reason, whenever I open your blog up at my work PC, it blows me off of the WEB..I do indeed remember your 55 because I thought that it was brilliant!Thank you so much, And please join us again on Friday…Galen