>sometimes i just wanna talk to the stars and the moon
and ask them to tell me their story
of a world – still to be discovered
of a world of being dependent
of a world of having no light of their own
but rely on the sun
to be illuminated

like i have no light of my own
to shine bright and striking
and impress with sparkling and glistening luminosity
but depend on your radiance
to blaze and glow – brilliant and clear

and i bow in your direction
and enjoy warm rays of sun
that touch
with lovers hands
highlighting never known beauty and passion
hidden before
and launch bubbles of dancing flames
as i bow closer to let you cover my soul
charged with your presence
uncovered and discovered ex limits
from darkness to light

and as i listen to the silence
the stars and the moon shine brighter
and whisper to me
and tell their story – of the one
who lets his sun shine on them
who counted them
the one – i count on

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16 responses to “>Shine

  1. >Beautiful! I love the moon, especially when it's full! As I stare, it's as if I can see as much of the sun's glory as possible without going blind! Amazing that we too can reflect Him with such brilliance and "depend on your radiance to blaze and glow." This poem truly makes me want to "bow in your direction and enjoy warm rays of sun." I love it!

  2. >how true this is… for how dull life would be if we didn't have each other… how empty and dark earth would be, without the light and warmth of our sun….so true. so true.

  3. >I'm so pleased to have found your blog. You express so beautifully many of the things that I feel but don't have the artistry to articulate. Thanks.Lovely post.Take care, Boonsong

  4. >Oh, just, *sigh*, Claudia. I can feel the moon whispering her secrets as I read this lovely piece! It makes me feel beautiful today. You bless.

  5. >this is one of my favourites of your posts, claudia… i love to listen to the night sky. its stories and secrets. thank you so much for linking your talents with me today. xo

  6. >I enjoyed reading your post, "and tell the-story of the one who lets his sun shine on them who counted them the one- i count on." Beautiful πŸ™‚