>A bowl of oat flakes

>tsch – tsch – tsch
Slowly our spoons dig trenches, form lowlands and mountains
and divide the cacao-brown porridge on our plates
into landscapes of phantasy – into good and bad – into yesterday and tomorrow.
Oat flakes, milk and cacao is the magic mixture.
It may look ugly but the color is striking and the taste as well – for us it’s heaven on earth.
We’re sitting there at the table in your kitchen – two little girls – and enjoy our break
coming from an afternoon of playing Monopoly, busy with selling and buying houses and streets,
absorbed in each others friendship and comforted by the taste of a plethora of cacao.
This bowl of oat flakes is our island, it feels like home in a life not that easy with both of our fathers drinking and it tastes of hope and of foreign countries to discover and of finding rest.

Maybe this is one of the reasons I love brown that much – in all shades. It’s a color that makes me feel at home – it reminds me of cacao and chocolate and soil – it soaks me with its depth, texture and peace and has no airs and graces but is willing to cover and carry and hug. And maybe this is the reason I can’t live without oat flakes. I’m often staying on business in nice hotels with huge breakfast buffets – but usually I grab the cook and ask for some oat flakes…

This is a Theme Thursday post – and the topic is the color brown


24 responses to “>A bowl of oat flakes

  1. >haha… amazing how that relates! an all time favorite meal of which I partake, brown rice with brown sugar and soy milk…mmmm… mmmmmm….now I am hungry (thank you very much)! yet, also reminds me that my neautral tones aren't "boyish" as I am told… yet earthy and pure….so, truly, thank you very much! πŸ™‚

  2. >I love writing that incorporate the "mundane" with the "extraordinary" or that uses that overlooked and pedestrian action that we ake for granted as a abckdrop for something else. I a great piece of writing I really enjoyed reading this

  3. >This is lovely. The rhythm and words here seem so right for your memory of those two little girls who find comfort in something wholesome and familiar in the midst of difficult yesterdays and uncertain tomorrows.

  4. >nice. i like brown as well atually and i do say it is because it is earthy kay…trees and the dirt do feel like home for me…glad you joined in claudia! nice write…

  5. >Many months my color was BLUE–blue everything! This summer, I switched to brown, and like it a lot. Brown everything, except shoes (I know Black-and-Brown are not like a loving couple–grin!)Dear, you make "brown" sound like something I might kneel in front of and ask forgiveness–for having bee "blue"!!! You write SO WELL, DAMMMIT! Why cannot everyone–me, too–express ourselves as well?PEACE, and you sure sound happy, girl!S

  6. >Dear Claudia, I wish I had the words to express how beautiful this is…the imagery, the shades of brown, the comfort. I get it. Thank you. I don't think I'll ever look at oat flakes the same πŸ™‚

  7. >Your captured the feeling of childhood comforts so well. (And you made me want to taste some of those oat flakes and cacao!) Thanks for sharing.

  8. >I get this, I really do. I think you know that from my post. You and I know what that island is like…so glad I don't have to go there anymore.So eloquently written.

  9. >This was a great Theme Thursday, Claudia. When I think brown, I think of earth, and I like that this piece showed the grounding of simple things…earthy things.