>cling to me

>the shadows appear

in dark nights like a silent haze

when we cling to each other
when we make love 
like there’s no tomorrow
and dreams seem to fade away
and hopes seem to break like glass
and we drown
in each others presence
future grace and
broken dreams of the past
fighting for a place
while the watchman sleeps
and allows to pass
to remind me of my bonds
that were cut long ago
and were buried
and erased
and blown out 
like a candle would die without oxygen
so all it is – now –
is a whisper of the past
almost forgotten
no longer a cry
no longer a threat
no longer a burden
and when the haze disappears
the only relics that remain
are tiny dewdrops
that reflect the sunshine
and announce a new day
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36 responses to “>cling to me

  1. >I am all about a New Day Claudia :)Kidding aside, I love how you wash away all of yesterday's cries, threats and burdens. We all need to face that new day fresh. Beautiful

  2. >I'm reading sad. Love like an extinguished candle. Hope the memories aren't like the smoke that rises from that candle (fleeting)Claudia what a beautiful piecethanks for adding it to One Shot GalleryLove from the moon

  3. >I have always said that I can't imagine 'thinking' in two different languages Claudia.You My Dear are Brilliant!I loved your your poem…Thanks

  4. >"the only relics that remainare tiny dewdropsthat reflect the sunshineand announce a new day"What incredible lines!I love the part about the watchman sleeping.It creates a space for the emotions of the poem to breathe.

  5. >a plea indeed..I loved the title, and how the poem absolutely matched it… "body and soul"the analogy/comparison is just superb! the emotions just gushed out of this one… very beautiful

  6. >Excellent Claudia!! I love the ending on such a more positive note! Really beautiful. (I've had trouble posting comments on blogger for some reason, so putting my name and URL in instead – this has been happening a lot so rather frustrating to post comments like I should be able to. Your work is wonderful and hopefully THIS posts 🙂 ~April

  7. >So beautiful! It reminded me of my husband and when we were newly married. Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing.

  8. >Strong images and emotion. Thanks for dropping by and reading Campaigning. I’m drawn to poetry as a storytelling technique and this was about the life of a woman emptied out by the political ambitions of her husband.