>double-breathe today

>..first because Brian of WaystationOne, whom i admire a lot, has featured a poem of mine on One Stop Poetry – and i feel terribly honored…hope you jump over there to read it..it’s called “breathe”

…and second because my holidays have started today and i’m looking forward to do all kind of exciting, silly, adventurous, enjoyable and average things one should do while spending holidays at home – like hugging my flowers, sweeping the driveway, collecting raindrops with my tongue, night-biking, day-dreaming, singing old and new songs, playing my dusty guitar, get lost in reading books, hike the black forest, kiss my family, meet some old friends…and watch the sky when the plane is leaving which takes my eldest daughter to Bolivia for a year…say hello and good-bye and cry and smile and say thanks for the big and small things in my life…and enjoy…and treasure…and breathe…


the moment
my lips touch
cool metal
and my tongue senses
the rough surface
of warm wood
magic happens
i start to breathe
and you come alive
i start to breathe
and you begin to sing
they call you woodwind
i call you respire
i’m in a tense mood
and don’t even realize
but you will show me
with your sound
i’m down?
you sound bluesy

i’m on top?
you dance along
there’s a key for each emotion
and an embouchure
for every moment

when stainless steel
gets warm
with my breath
and I
get warm as well
and we jump and play

like children
like desperate
like lovers
like losers
like champions

from the highest pitch
to the deepest depths

and I breathe
and I don’t wanna stop
to breathe
life into you
like the one

who breathes his life
into me

and fills my inmost
with sound and rhythm
with meaning and significance

and warms my heart
with emissive breath
and still feels the taste
of rough wood and soft soil
beneath his tongue


20 responses to “>double-breathe today

  1. >Hey, das ist ja cool! Du wirst noch richtig berühmt im Netz, Du große Poetin!!! ;-)Ich wünsch' Dir tolle Urlaubstage, tolle Momente, aber vor allem ein tiefes Empfinden für Dein und Miris Getragensein in Seinen Vaterhänden, wenn es denn so weit ist, dass der Flieger abgehoben hat!!!Deine Miri ist so ein tolles Mädchen! Und ich freu mich drauf, wenn sie ihren eigenen Blog startet!Dicken DrückerMariella

  2. >OK…I went over to "One-Stop" and here is the comment I left there:OH MY GOD! This is MARVELOUS! Thank you, Claudia…and BrianAlways and Forever.And Claudia, I could SO identify with your experiences there between you and your instrument, and between the human instrument you must play so well–as well–grin!

  3. >kick ass poem!i also dig: like hugging my flowers…collecting raindrops with my tongue, night-biking, day-dreaming…playing my dusty guitar…get lost in reading books, hike the black forest…and watch the sky when the plane is leaving which takes my eldest daughter to Bolivia for a year…and treasure…and breathe.what an incredible ride, the whole thing, but these images were my favorites.

  4. >Wishing your daughter a safe trip. It brings back memories of saying goodbye to my daughter when she went to Australia for a year.Have beautiful holidays, Claudia.

  5. >Simply awesome! Watching the sky when the plane is leaving? Brought me to tears! I've had more than my fair share of hellos and goodbyes and they keep on coming. 🙂 What a wonderful post! Congratulations on having your poem featured as well. What an honor!Thanks for stopping by Claudia. Have a great day.Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama