>Wanna win – you

>You slammed me down with just a few words – cold as ice cubes – when you heard about the topic.
I broke in for a nano second – recovered – stayed cool – listed the advantages – tried do win – you – in vain…?

Today we met again – open points clarified – arguments gathered
You smiled – respect –  and said we go for it – looking at me with steel blue eyes which made a perfect match to your blue business shirt and part of the steel had disappeared somehow..
I looked back with chocolate brown eyes, which made a perfect match to my brown shirt – and it felt right.
You were the first one to accept my invitation for working on the details – and – yeah – I think – we’re gonna make it…


7 responses to “>Wanna win – you

  1. >ah but it sounds like you are gaining ground…working together takes you much farther than a bunch of individual horses working in different directions…

  2. >Ha-ha Steve – no the shoes didn't match – just start to grin when i think about steel-blue shoes..but isn't it strange what you think in moments like this….?