>55 – Exit!

>they turn up unexpected
they waylay
when the water is calm and the sun is shining
they grab me
and suck me in
make me feel helpless
lash about
knock me over
overwhelm me
for some seconds
-stop it-
i have learned to deal with them
stay calm
hold my breath
face them
dive in
swim down
and that’s where the water gets calm again
and EXIT!

The only real chance of escaping a vortex in water is to stay calm and swim to the bottom to exit – otherwise you drown. The father of a friend of mine used to do this just for fun when they were kids – I don’t do it for fun – and not in water – but with the vortices of life…

Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words – and link it back to g-man


23 responses to “>55 – Exit!

  1. >Hi! Claudia,I'am not a swimmer…Therefore, my chances of encountering a "vortex" is pretty slim right now, but who knows..maybe one day I will…if I ever venture into the water. Thanks, for sharing, it seems that I learn so much from you with each visit to your blog. By the way, I like that…"I don't do it for fun – and not in water – but with the vortices of life…"DeeDee ;-D

  2. >…untertauchen? das ist nur eine Verzögerung…Wirbel? …lenkt ab…im Wasser schwimme ich einfach allein meine Bahnen…im Leben? sich stellen…oder in die Stille verschwinden…?es lohnt sich, darüber nachzudenken…

  3. >Wonderful 55, Claudia. I've never heard of these before – is it like an undertow? A friend of mine drowned back in 1977 in a severe undertow. Life vortexes are even scarier!

  4. >Yes Talon, it is like an undertow – and they are really dangerous – because you get panic and want to swim out – but you'll never manage. You get tired with all the fighting and in the end drown. So sorry for your friend! And I agree with you – the vortices of life are even scarier!

  5. >Cosima – ich finde auch, dass es darum geht, sich den Strudeln des Lebens mutig zu stellen, sie in Angriff zu nehmen und sich auf sie einzulassen – weil es der einzige Weg nach draussen ist..freue mich immer über deine Kommentare.. 🙂

  6. >@ Steve – I'm glad you're not a duck…@ Patti – I I hope I never have to test out this theory as well – I'm no good swimmer at all – and the vortices of life are enough to battle with…Alice – I agree with you – I also feel much saver when I know what I can do in a situation – diminishes the fear..

  7. >Hi Claudia…Loved your 55 today.Sounds like a freaky thing to me.For some reason, your blog site blows me off-line at my work PC.Sorry I was late commenting.Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End