>shall we dance…?

>lost my childhood way too soon
when childish carelessness was replaced with fear
and a foreboding
that no one would take care..if not i..

the waves were high
and the sea was stormy
i tried hard – to survive
but was soon exhausted
with heavy fighting
trying to keep myself from drowning
and beaten – day by day – by reality
and slowly losing strength and grip
sliding down the wall…
with no one able to stop my fall…

longing for a life worth living
and desperately seeking love
where you’re not supposed to find it
content with copies of love&lovemaking
some of ’em not worth the paper
they were printed on

collecting scars and bruises
like countless medals of ruin
in this game with only losers
and piece by piece – broke –

used and being used
in a fierce dance of destruction
that was when you came
like out of heaven
“shall we dance” was your question
and i said yes … had nothing to lose
and no clue of what was going on
until i felt warm arms around a cold heart
and a kiss that breathed back life..
it was when the broken jar met the potter
and healing slowly started to happen..

…and still we dance – day by day
’cause you have never let me go…

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27 responses to “>shall we dance…?

  1. >"shall we dance" was your questionand i said yes … "The tears well. Because. I said yes too.Right in the middle of the mess where he found me.And I still dance.God Blessxx

  2. >Very thought provoking and beautifully written"longing for a life worth living"who has not felt this emotion?"collecting scars and bruiseslike countless medals of ruin"I concur with that!The ending is hopeful "…and still we dance – day by day'cause you have never let me go…"great piece thanks you 🙂

  3. >This is so touching Claudia. I ache for all the hurt, but rejoice that there is One who can make all things right. Beautiful.

  4. >there are so many good lines, but my favorites are these: content with copies of love&lovemakingit was when the broken jar met the potteri love the magic of your words, claudia. as always, you inspire… xoxo

  5. >"it was when the broken jar met the potter" . . what redemption! I love this analogy. I saw a pot once that had been cracked on purpose, glued back together, and became home to a candle. The light that shone through the cracks was glorious and made me love what I saw once as flaws. Thank you. Thanks too for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading yours again!

  6. >Claudia:You write so well and able to capture the true inner essence of loving and living and what it means to love again.touching,,Joanny

  7. >Your writing is so beautiful, so real. I loved this poem, especially the line "it was when the broken jar met the potter and healing slowly started to happen." Your words encouraged me today.

  8. >Thanks to all of you for your sensitive comments..it cost me something to write this down – but it felt right to share it – and give glory to the one who rescued me..Kim – your comment touched my heart and i so often feel still not "whole" but i love the thought of a candle, shining through the cracks…Thank you!

  9. >It was when the broken jar met the potter…oh thank God for His promises. I relate. Thank you for your bared words, Claudia. I admire and enjoy your free spirit.