>Chocolate summer

>It’s a wide land ahead of us
rolling hills
and fields ready for harvest
I don’t talk a lot today
just enjoy the sun
and your strong presence
as you bike next to me

We play uphill bike games
catch me if you can
I can’t
and we laugh
and you talk
and I’m in a dreamy mood

You have a chocolate ice cream
and we sit down on a bench
and I kiss you
your lips taste of summer and salty sweat
and your tongue tastes of chocolate and hidden mysteries
and I wish we could go on and on
biking – gaming – having ice cream
and taste and savor each others presence

This poem is for one shot wednesday – a new gathering place for poets and writers


27 responses to “>Chocolate summer

  1. >You have made me long for summer (it's winter here) and a beautiful love like your wonderful poem. Awesdome writing, I enjoyed it so. Thanks so much for sharing ~ Amanda

  2. >delightfully, fun! i love how you described the taste of the kiss, "taste and savor each others presence"whimsically romantic!smiles,

  3. >Why is the song Summer Love running through my head? GREAT poem! You're very talented. Looking forward to reading more and thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday. πŸ™‚

  4. >Oh Claudia what a beautiful picture of summer romance. A special moment to treasure. Thanks for visiting my blog today πŸ™‚

  5. >Claudia:Your poem is beautiful, it melted my heart just like the delicious ice cream on a summer day. The good life does not get any better then what you describe. The gentle dance the quiet song captured in one moment of time. Sheer delight.Joanny

  6. >Am in love with this summer you paint so well and now craving chocolate and ice-cream. Thank you for stopping by my sanctuary, it was nice having you there :)Wild Rose~

  7. >Hi! Claudia,Very nice…I have to say you captured the fun(In your poem or words) of two people sharing (while one eat a chocolate ice cream cone) on a nice summer day.Thank-you, for sharing and I plan to tweet this over there on Tweeter(Sp)too!DeeDee ;-D