>One step beyond

>I was prepared for everything
would’ve tried to talk you into it
had all arguments to convince you
defending my idea
and prevent it from just dying away

And I was running
into open arms
you were smiling
and looked at it from different angles
The one I had expected
the IT angle
and the one that took me by surprise
the web 2.0 angle

And you talked about
knowing the limits
and get close to them –  touch them
not staying safe – far away
You talked about someone
who was teaching you on competence
and said
If you have competence
and do not once a year cross your borders
you haven’t bailed out

And you talked about
mistakes that may happen
when you try something new
and you talked about innovation
and taking risks

And I loved it
and I sat there and smiled
and felt like a small child
in a kind of adventure game
And I left the meeting
with that kind of emotion mixture
only boldness and break-ups create

And I went back to my boss
and said I may dream
but I was not
and that still…makes me.. smile..


16 responses to “>One step beyond

  1. >not completely sure what is going on…but i get the basic picture…i do love that feeling when you step out and innovate…even if you fail it makes you feel alive..

  2. >Brian – this was just a meeting at work..I had an idea and it was about to be put down. So I went and had a meeting with our IT and security responsible – expecting lots of opposition – BUT – he liked my idea and was so open-minded and inspiring – and innovative – and even if there is a risk – he told us to go for it!! I thought this is a nice dream…but it wasn't – it's real and exciting!

  3. >I love how you have such a unique perspective on day to day events. I'm sure when I was working outside of the home I couldn't of anything more poetic about my day then "Is it time to go home yet?"

  4. >Claudia, you are an excellent poet–and what better to write about, then what you KNOW? You, and all of us, do our best, write our hearts into stories, and have fun doing so, and become blogger-friends, and to me, this is all WUNDERBAR!!!PEACE, dear girl.

  5. >I've read several of your poems now, and I really like your style. And thanks so much for stopping by at Life is Good and for your nice compliment.

  6. >"…with that kind of emotion mixtureonly boldness and break-ups create" – that was so great! Such a great way to express that feeling.Congrats on the being heard and having something dream-like become a reality!

  7. >__Risks taken; those that fail are overshadowed by those few… that succeed. Each risk is that dream worth taking.__Claudia, I'm honored by your visit to magyar-haiku, and its an honor to visit here!_m