>Paint me an ocean

>There are times
when I would love to paint myself an ocean

sometimes a wild and stormy one
with dark clouds and huge waves
dangerous and exciting
and some days a rather calm one
with colorful fish
and dolphins that meet right next to me
laid-back and peaceful

And I would use different shades of blue
with some green in between – but not too much

Of course you can’t paint an ocean
only half-hearted
you have to focus
and see the big picture
but also every single detail – quite difficult

And whoever looks at it – yeah
can’t just be neutral – nonchalant
You will love it or hate it
You are ready to jump or run away
But yes – if I could paint – I would start today


12 responses to “>Paint me an ocean

  1. >Then pick up a paintbrush and splash that paint around without delay! You might find you surprise yourself. Go for the bigger picture, and let the details take care of themselves…

  2. >…oh ja, dazu hätte ich auch Lust, wenn ich es könnte…aber deine Gedanken wecken Bilder in mir, die ich gespeichert habe, weil ich sie gern gemalt hätte: Atlantik-Frankreich… Pazifik-Kalifonien… oh diese Farben, einfach grandios… Fang an, Claudia!

  3. >Yep, I agree–even if you cannot paint…PAINT!Now, WHENCE came the idea of painting the sea?-grin!Just buy some paint, couple brushes (good ones) and GO, GIRL!!! YOU may be the next "CLAUDIA"…–grin!See you tomorrow, favorite German blogger.

  4. >"you have to focusand see the big picturebut also every single detail – quite difficult" – love love love! That's true about painting, it's true about life. Wise words, Claudia.

  5. >Jinksy – yes, I will go for the bigger picture – great to have people "on board" that have a life's wisdom and I guess lots of practice to go for the bigger picture!Talon – you got it!Most likeable Steve: You know exactly what I had in my mind when writing this!!And to all of you – THANKS! I don't wanna paint with colors – I wanna paint with words and music and with my life – and it's so good to get your feedback and your encouragement – I really – really – really treasure your comments – a lot!!!