>Invisible bond

>Was standing right behind you at the supermarket
both of you aged
and he had difficulties to stand upright
and she had to load the goods all by herself
I was ready to help – but something stopped me
and I was just observing
and I thought how it may was
when you were young – running – loving – working together
and things going easy
and I started to feel sorry
and I started to feel a bit afraid of the years ahead
until I saw how you looked at each other
and how you cared for each other
and I realized that this visible invisible bond
has brought you here
and will hold for the rest of the years to come


14 responses to “>Invisible bond

  1. >Beautiful – it's like there is this halo around older couples that have been together for a long time that holds them together. Your poetry always makes me happy.xo Erin

  2. >I've just been catching up on your beautiful poetry. You really have such a talent.I love this one. My granpa just recently died. He was married to my grandma for 63 years. They had such a bond…they really did look after eachother…that invisible bond. I ache for my grandma now.

  3. >You write of a special slice of life, in a sweetly elegant fashion.Thank God you did not help, but stood and observed. They did not need your help. Besides that, you would not have written this blog to send scores of readers into a deeper understanding of life, love, and loveliness!When I was your age, I would have "helped" the couple, just to let Peeps see what a great guy I am LOL! Sometimes, we have to stand aside and let God do some of the work, setting up the stage.YOU are special, girl! Thank you, and PEACE!

  4. >And I never saw you there behind us in line! Nah, I joke. My guy still has a little "get-up in his git-a-long," as they say.Very nice poem. I am moved by watching older people too. I think it has something to do with knowing that is where we are all heading.

  5. >Claudia, This is such a lovely poem. I have always loved watching older couples and the way they still love eachother after all the years gone by. It's just amazing to see love still strong after time.

  6. >Left me breathless. So beautiful.Roger and Sue are my neighbors who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Last year, Sue had a stroke. One day I found myself at the gym at the same time they were there. They were slowly walking around the indoor track (she was shuffling and he was patiently strolling beside her). I started over to say hello – I was right behind them – when suddenly their movements caused them to part for a split second and the sun beamed through between them and just at that moment they looked at each other and I knew that to say hello right then would be an intrusion into a sacred moment.Old love is so beautiful and hopeful and true.

  7. >There is nothing more touching than watching older couples who have crossed all those bridges in life and know one another so intimately. It's inspiring and takes that fear away.