>160 – cookin’

>in our kitchen – open front door
on the menu
the most exquisite meal
just 4 the 2 of us
and – I – love the taste!

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7 responses to “>160 – cookin’

  1. >uupps – it was sunday – not saturday with the 160's – so whoever is trying the link and finds not 160 today at monkey man – try again tomorrow…need a holiday… ;o

  2. >ha. will be dropping mine here in just a bit as well…so you wont be alone…like yours though…b/c we like it spicy as well when we are'cookin'…lol.

  3. >Mrs. MM and I love to cook and make a great team. It's got to be fun just like your 160 or why do it. Thanks for playing – day early or day late, it's a 160 just the same.