>i’ve been kissed
with millions of kisses today
masked as raindrops
hitting my face fiercely
blur my eyes and gliding
slow and tender
along the line of my lips
flow down my neck
blaze a trail
and slink
to every hidden spot
and caress my body
with cooling moisture
close my eyes for a second
soaked in your love
and hungry
and thirsty
for more and more
of your rain

So this was my bikeride back home from work today – almost 1 hour – pouring with rain – while my mind started to zone out..

Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words – and link it back to g-man


21 responses to “>Rainkiss

  1. >… oh, Claudia – dabei sind dir so schöne Verse eingefallen? Fahrradfahren, orientieren, Tropfen abwischen, konzentrieren auf den Verkehr… wie machst du das? einfach suuuuper! Danke!

  2. >We have finally got rain here too! not yesterday, but just after we got most things set outdoors for the big picnic tomorrow! ( hence my 55)Thanks for writing and visiting!

  3. >At least it was the kind of rain that will let you think in loving terms, not a stinging torrent half-hail, half-waterfall. Still, I'll got for a husband instead. 🙂

  4. >This was beautifully done! Sensuous and tender, fresh and exhilarating!I loved reading this one…very neat!! A rocking 55 !!! Kudos…

  5. >Claudia…?This was your best one yet!Absolutely PERFECT!!!Great 55 My Friend, The weather is a good friend on both of our posts tonight…:PThank you for this little GEM, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  6. >Wow! This is gorgeous and just a wee bit steamy! Looks like this might have been a theme this week. ;)Great 55!-C

  7. >beauty here. i love me a good run in the rain…as long as it's not a cold rain :). I have really enjoyed my visit here, Claudia. It's a pleasure to "meet" you!