>hand in hand
we jump
and dive deep
enjoying water’s tangency
and warm rays of sun
penetrating the surface

joking and laughing together
marvel at shades and silhouettes
that blur and become indistinct
turning somersaults
and pirouettes

I feel lightweight and floating
when our eyes meet
all senses sharpened
enjoy to swim – agravic
next to you
eyes and heart open wide

we belong here
we’re no strangers
no need to talk
no need to explain
the water silences our moves

and honoring each other
we’re moving forward
and breaking new ground
until the current gets faster
and the waves get heavy

you take over – and lead
holding me tight
while we speed up – together
and find our way
around rocks and swirls
in rapid water
experienced and familiar

and I give in
to the motion
the torrent
the flow
which drags us
wider – deeper and closer
until we reach the cascade
and fall – forever

This poem is for one shot wednesday – a new gathering place for poets and writers


23 responses to “>waterdance

  1. >wonderful claudia…that could describe so many of the relationships that work…holding on through the rocks falling further and further into each other. smiles.glad you linked up to oneshot again!

  2. >Swimming…together…getting through the difficulties together. Though I hope they survived the fall together, too. Lovely! I have to ask – what is "agravic"? I've never heard the word before and I love learning new ones. Thanks, Claudia.

  3. >Just a short note before I'm on my way to work…Talon, agravic comes from gravitation – and means without gravitation – schwerelos – like in spaceMy problem as a german is often to use the right words and to use them in thethe right way. So I seem to have picked one that is not used that often or use them in a way, an english native would never use it – but – I'm learning – and I'm really glad for your feedback.I'm so curious to read all of your poems as well and comment back – but that has to wait until evening…Looking forward…Claudia

  4. >What a beautiful picture you paint. At the beginning it's like children gleefully taking that plunge, then the water gets deeper and the story gets more passionate.Nicely framed words!So glad to have you with us at One Shot Wednesday – an honor to have you

  5. >i read this as a celebration of your long term relationship..from the excitement of the early days through to the strength and security our partners bring as we get older..well done..Pete

  6. >Beautiful poem about relationships. You captured perfectly the heart of a relationship. Can't wait to read your next poem next week.

  7. >Wow, I am swept away. That was a beautiful journey you took me on. I could almost feel the water on and around me. I am glad you came to visit me, so that I could enjoy your wonderful poem

  8. >I feel like going for a swim–really!OFF TOPIC: Yessss, I stood in a creek bed (running cold mountain water) in North Carolina, summer 1951 or 1952 and we (Sigurd Rascher) were both practicing, and (we had what in US is called an "affinity", and played some pop tunes of the day together. Pretty soon we had an audience, but the most fun in that situation is that a Master allowed me–a novice–to just "sit in" with him.In my wildest DREAM, I did not think anyone here would recognize his name. OH! THANK YOU for helping me bring back those memories of carefree youth, when all would live for 10,000 years, never grow old. HA!Picture is NOT me, but even my family would not know that, it looks so much as I DID!BLESS YOU!!! LOVE!!!Steve

  9. >An awesome metaphor!! :)You have put it so beautifully… the seeing, the coming together, the letting go, the bliss… all of it! A fascinating read! 🙂

  10. >love it Claudia! so beautiful..you took my heart here..swimming together in the essence of love..lost and found,sensuous! excellent read dear..:)