>Through the barricades

>This was my close escort through my weekend
Spandau Ballet’s “Through the barricades”
I heard it on the radio on Saturday morning – and it’s an old song – I knew it already
But I was gripped by the guitar, holding this song together
by a voice – all emotions
and by a Tenorsax at the end – accompanied by drums
determined – wild and passionate – ready to conquer
and eager to love – through the barricades

Speaking of a life which is not easy
and full of scars and bruises
of being afraid of emotions – and love
and yet so eager to cross the borders
and make love – on wasteland – not caring about barricades
and of a wild yearning to cross the lines and dance upon the streets
which is only possible – when the watchman is asleep..so far

So I downloaded the song from itunes
and listened to it 100 times…
I sang and played it, sitting at my piano – full heart – full voice
all emotions
and I played along with my Sax
to cross the lines
to live and love with not enough soil to grow roses
but to make love on wasteland
and not denying the barricades – but boldly cross them..


10 responses to “>Through the barricades

  1. >What a powerful piece! I'm a child of the 80's but for the life of me, that song escapes me, so now I'm going to have to have a listen so I can really feel the heart of the emotions this song so obviously brought up for you.

  2. >That happens to me ALL THE TIME!!!!Just a couple hours away is morning of a new dayWe shall all survive, Stay Lively and aliveAnd when THIS day is doneWe will have (Yessss!) WON!

  3. >I'd never heard the song before, but it's beautiful. I might have to listen to it at least a few dozen more to really get acquainted with it :)And to lose yourself in music like that – it's powerful and uplifting and exhausting and wonderful.

  4. >figured i would drop back a few posts…would like to highlight you on one stop on one of my mondays…as i have done for shay and talon…if you would like that, if you can either select a poem or write me a new one to use and drop it to my email i will put it together….thanks!btm2007@Yahoo.com