>Deep calls to deep

>Deep calls to deep

and you will hear my cry

and you will turn my darkness into sparkling daylight
and wipe away – all fear
One touch of your hand
will stop me from shaking
and calm my frightened soul
I so need your touch
to bring healing to open wounds
Oh please –  gently – impulsively – draw me closer
to that place of beauty and silence
where nothing and no one will disturb our intimacy
My heavy-beating heart
needs your steady rhythm
to find its pace again
and I need to be held – tight – tighter – tightest
My eyes search for yours
cause I need to see your endless beauty
and I need to know
how much you love me
I so need to find rest in your presence
and just let endless waves of peace
cover my wounded soul
I’m glad you look at me like this
and take your time – to observe
what your presence does to me
ready to absorb my losses
and catch me in case I would fall
You whisper words of freedom and liberation
into my ears
and I want to be one – with you
and I don’t wanna go
and I don’t have to let go
because you will never stop holding me
just like you do – now
and whisper truth and mercy
to the deepest parts of my soul

19 responses to “>Deep calls to deep

  1. >Is COSIMA (beautiful name, BTW!) trying to rent a car–she wrote HERZ.Hey, SPLITTER…you have put out a most exceptionally brilliant poem today. It speaks of yearning, a "seeing", healing touch, observing a lover, freedom, a love beyond our understanding. Easy to read and identify and…well, thank you SO much, German-Girl!!!!PEACE!S

  2. >I do not read the others comments tonight. this is worthy of a song. I come from the Sunday 160 crowd only to be blown apart by your poem. I hope this takes you far, if you can write like this. someone should be singing it.dianneyes, goose bumps.be careful of the internet plagairists.

  3. >You have truly touched my heart with these words..it is so very beautiful and your light shines so very bright! Thanks so much for this x

  4. >A truly exquisite poem, a deep inner yearning for the freedom of the soul, blissful sensual spiritual love. Simply divine and a joy to read over again. Very touching, a jewel. Joanny

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