>Ocean feelings

>Swinging gently –  a nutshell – in an – oh so wide – ocean
Silence resonates in a light breeze – and my soul suspires
Still feel your heartbeat and your scent – in the air – fading unhastily
while – covered with numerous layers of decreasing passion
toc – toc – toc
the rain patters kindly at my window
and gives the beat to slow down my heart
and offers his escort until sleep shuts my eyes


12 responses to “>Ocean feelings

  1. >Sher Gut.?? Is that how you spell very good? I took some German in college and can't remember too much. Where in Germany do you live? As a little girl I lived in Bitberg?? because my dad was in the Air Force.Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  2. >Ahhhh! (sigh!)…(suspire!).It is well known by ME at least, about that rain slowing down the beat frequency of my heart. What a peaceful place–"…gentle rain, falling soft upon the place beneath…" –the BARDThe beautiful placement of your words seems to just fall effortlessly.

  3. >Otin – the only sad thing was that I had no time to fall asleep – and believe me, I would've loved to..Karen – wow – some German words – sehr gut!!I live in the south of Germany, close to the black forest and the borders to France and Switzerland – lovely area. It's so nice to meet you!!