>55 – Game over

>You sense me coming – and speed-up
I’m all smiles…
catch up – and chase you!
Glistening sweat pearls on your forehead..
Your breath goes faster – you “smell” my presence – close-up
I enjoy – the game – have plenty of energy left – you haven’t
One last click – gear down
sounds like a gunshot in your ears
Pass by – and – Game over!

Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words – and link it back to g-man

Believe me – usually I’m a friendly biker – but sometimes – I just can’t resist to play the game…
But – note – it’s NEVER me who starts it – but – yes – I admit – I join in happily ;o – when challenged…


19 responses to “>55 – Game over

  1. >Hahahahaaaa…Wie gemein, Du mit Deiner Kondition. No chance!!! Erinnner mich dran, dass ich NIEEEE mit Dir Fahrrad fahre. :-*

  2. >Game set and match 🙂 I love this. You present riding a bike in a very creative manner. Excellent. Have a wonderful Friday 🙂

  3. >I like this 55. Just enough intrigue and devilment to "up the game". Thanks for stoppine by my blog. My oldest son is taking German for his foreign languange in high school and love it!

  4. >I so know that feeling. I will compete for 475th place if it means passing one more person. Like your 55….even those who don't know they are in the "race". Great 55.

  5. >Claudia…?A girl after my own heart…I Love IT!!Excellent 55 My Friend.Thank You so much for playing today, You Rock!!Have a Kick Ass Week-End.

  6. >Claudia, you played well the "game" here in "55" and also on your ride. Good post, I think I'll stay around here, and see what else you come up with during the week. Have a great weekend!Oh Yes! I have one HERE

  7. >ClaudiaBravo well done 55er — love your competitive spirit — but also love that you keep your feminine charms about you … what a great line "Glistening sweat pearls on your forehead.." and "have plenty of energy left,"I have not tried 55er yet, this one would be hard to top… Joanny

  8. >Hi Claudia,I like your 55. You put us in the heat of the race with lines like this…. you "smell" my presence….Very good 55. Thanks for commenting on my sad one.Oh, did I mention I like your blog?

  9. >wow. i swear i read it and even commented but dont see it here…note to self not to challenge claudia. smiles. a quick place and so nicely done…

  10. >Hi! Claudia,Oops! I'am so sorry-after re-reading I can now see that you were competing while ridinga bike! (As I *slap self on head*)and most definitely, not jogging!(The other comments should have been a dead give-away too…Duh!)Hi! Brian,DeeDee ;-D