>the path

>did not think long-term when I first saw you
and both of us linked – elsewhere
but I saw – and I felt – something
and when we met again – a little later
I made the first step
(sweet cake crumbs on your lips)
which led to your question
that would change our world
and took us on a journey
to dizzy heights
and frightening depths
involving all shades – and emotions
in between
for better or for worse
we’ve had it all
and sticked to our vow
as promised
twenty-two years ago
so young – so brave
and so excited
to become
one flesh..
think I will put on some red lipstick
and lure you to a path
not that well known
and we just pretend
to be strangers tonight
who meet
for the first time
and fly on the wings of our breath
to hidden places

This poem is for one shot wednesday – a gathering place for writers and poets


20 responses to “>the path

  1. >loved it….i've been with my wife for 25 years..ups & downs and all & i wouldnt change oit for the world..thanks for sharing and joining One Shot..cheers Pete

  2. >I love it! I'm stealing it for my 20th anniversary in December. Well, actually it wouldn't work exactly (we weren't "linked" with anyone else when we met) – but I'm going to keep it in my mind when I write my anniversary poem.

  3. >Twenty-two years is amazing! Congratulations! I loved this poem, Claudia. It's so important to change it up and keep it fresh and when you do, you do discover hidden places. (30 years for hubby and I last month).

  4. >Thank you for writing this one, Claudia. Refreshing piece. Was beginning to question relationships. This was refreshing to read and well written. CheersThanks for participating in 1 shot today 🙂

  5. >…as if we first locked eyes, across a crowded room. And somehow we knew…..This is SO beautiful Claudia–it is good for me to read your blog. It seems as if God is trying to tell me something these days, several of the new blogs I follow are spiritual in nature, and seem SO worthy.Vielen Danksteveroni

  6. >What a beautiful tribute to 22years!!! So many hints between the lines.Enjoy that path and the love.So glad you joined us today for 1 Shot Wednesday – so honored to have you

  7. >I am an incurable romantic and believe in love — this poem hit home, so wonderful to read it. A beautiful tribute to 22years together.Joannycame by one shot

  8. >Congratulations, Claudia, it's an accomplishment. Not just the 22 years, but also wanting to keep it burning. It's not easy, when the allure of that first kiss (crumb lips or not) can't be had after the first one. It's a mysterious challenge to relish. My husband and I have been in the mystery 32 years. Yay!

  9. >Ah! Now I see where your mind was when you read my massage poem. This was lovely and delicate and fervent all at once. The crumbs on the lips was a wonderful image.Kat