>Zone out

I usually bike to my workplace – 19,6 kilometer one way – and I just love it soooo much
I enjoy the exercise and the freedom – not only from traffic jam..
It’s a time when I feel independent and strong – and although I’m on my way to work, I feel like I’m on a holiday.
Just me and my streetbike and thousands of thoughts and ideas – zone out …
I don’t even think about sorting –  just let it flow – and enjoy – and wonder
Usually I listen to Brian Hardin, who is reading the daily audiobible – and sometimes I’m deeply moved, sometimes I start to pray, sometimes it’s just one sentence that touches a string and adds something precious to my day and sometimes I even stop and take some notes.
Can happen that I’m so lost in my thoughts that I wonder how I found my way…
Then I have a shower  – dress for success – and live on this quiet morning hour for quite a while…


15 responses to “>Zone out

  1. >Such a lovely time of the day – the bike ride to work. Are the images of the sights along the way? If so, I can see why the ride is so special.

  2. >Lois – yes I took this pics with my iPhone on the way – and there could be hundreds of them..It's a beautiful, beautiful way! Some big streets as well – but not that much – I work my way around the streets…

  3. >So eindrucksvoll … natürlich dürfte Dir das Fahren im Frühling und Sommer leichter fallen? Ich find das echt bewundernswert!!! Wie gings Dir damit eigentlich am Anfang, als die Kondition vielleicht noch nicht so ausgeprägt war? Kamst Du trotzdem durch den Tag? Ich mein, fast 20 km das ist schon eine Leistung zweimal am Tag!!! Respekt!!!

  4. >Mariella – am Anfang hatte ich zittrige Knie – und konnte mich in der Dusche kaum aufrecht halten…aber jetzt – ist es einfach nur – wunderschön… :=)

  5. >Emily – I was also running through my pregnancies – and did my last run 2 days before my son was born…but wasn't that speedy any more… ;=)

  6. >What a beautiful morning ride. Much better than being cooped up in a car in traffic. We keep saying we're going to get bikes, but we have never gotten around it. GREAT pictures.

  7. >How GLAD I am to have found this blog, Claudia. It brings me JOY to read your words, which–on my way every morning–I LIVE also. Except my "bike" is a 650cc Suzuki scooter.But your words (again) are EXACTLY (caps purposefully) how I feel but can never seem to get it explained correctly. But no matter, I DO get to experience what so many do not–that morning ride, the smells, the sunrise, the smiling at Peeps who are not smiling so early. Oh! I must write more…but maybe later, MAYBE…because I am on the way now to an afternoon (you know what kind) meeting.Thank you, for letting me find you here in the magnificent world of blogs! 5 PM here probably close to 11-12 midnight there. So maybe this is "Gute Morgan"???

  8. >that beautiful morning light on the buildings and that stream racing toward me, so good. i love that moment you speak of on a bike. i myself need more moments like that, even one lately would be quite beneficial.