>Some purple high heels

>Think I could need a sailboat today
to sail across deepest-dark-blue oceans
Or even better –  some  h u g e  wings
that carry me to white clouds in a clear blue sky
say “hello” to the birds and hug them friendly
maybe even cuddle their feathers (if they would allow)

I would also have use for a soft-focus to diffuse all distracting edges
and just – abracadabra – blur them away – how nice
and one of those filters, that “sunkiss” every rainy day – magic

Aahhh yes – fantastic were some purple high heels
(red would do as well..)
to promenade (very elegant of course) on a grass-green meadow
with a smile on my face – a very distinguished one – and a cow staring at me with deep-brown eyes
(have you ever noticed that cows have the most amazing eyes..)

There I would lie down
look up to the sky and – after some happy hours – maybe pinch me (or maybe not)
It would be a shame to wake up – don’t you think?


13 responses to “>Some purple high heels

  1. >Such lovely thoughts. Ah, purple shoes. I remember when I wore shoes of many colors and very high heels as well. πŸ˜‰ Nice post to remember those wild and crazy colored shoes I used to wear.

  2. >I hope you get a day like that…I always think Jersey cows have the most amazing eyes, but all cow eyes are deep and beautiful πŸ™‚

  3. >Oh yes, give me also those wings! Fly away! And now I am looking at all animals, and their eyes, today. How remarkable! One thing in common, they all seem to be saying, "Why do you not understand ME? I understand YOU…"That soft-focus…RIGHT!I would hate to walk onto the grassy meadow with thos high heals, no matter the color! Of course, I have never–read NEVER–wore high heals–grin!I wish also to lie down there, and not pinch. For I would not wish to awaken. HOWEVER, there is yet LIFE to be lived!GooooD post! Thanks for visiting!

  4. >Hey… I was already wishing that this poem never end! "have you ever noticed that cows have the most amazing eyes.." — YES YES and guess what?! YES! They have the most beautiful, brown, large, and calm eyes ever!!! Especially those little calves… they are the sweet animals ever created! May all your wishes come true, and more!Have a beeeeaaaauuutiful week ahead! Go hug those birds, sail the seas, use all the filters you like, while I read and re-read this lovely poem! Thanks for sharing… πŸ™‚

  5. >Hey! You wrote in your profile: "I want to share what I focus on at this very moment…"How well said!I use the analogy, "I wish to be right above that place where my feet are".That way, I find myself thinking less about what is tomorrow, also about what was in the past. It becomes one of the paths to serenity.BTW, tonight blog of mine will describe a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Just to let you know, that I will inform you when the "violin" piece is up, OK?I put you on my blog roll tonight also…I think you are a very interesting and likeable Peep!

  6. >Great poem Claudia! I love the idea of looking at life through a soft-focus lens, diffusing all distracting edges. πŸ™‚ And cows? They have such magnificent eyelashes!Thanks for stopping by the other day. Hope you're having a great week.Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama