>SA 80 II

>So good to spend time with you
And …we’ve been spending a lot of time together…
Hours and hours of holding you close to me
enjoying the things you have to offer – which is a lot

I fell in love with your smooth sound
when I first held you in my hands
trying out lots of possibilities – but none to compare with you
You stole my heart from the very first moment..

You are fast – reacting quickly to what I suggest to do
You are reliable and straight forward
You have lots of patience and forgive easily
And you allow me to express all my emotions – through you
Sometimes I feel you are like a mirror of my soul
which helps me display what is not easily seen

You have no fear to go new ways
and sometimes we have lots of fun
when we crash – by trying new and adventurous things
You are easy to go with
And you never get tired of the small paths I lure you

Ahh yes – it’s so good to spend time with you
practice rhythms and scales for hours
blues, mixolydian, dorian, phrygian, chromatic, pentatonics
You go for all of them with a smile
adapt to the pace and changing accidentals – airy

And we have those special moments – like today
when we just let go
give in to sound and rhythm
let us drag into a swirl of colors and emotions
flooded by waves of exaltation
not knowing and not caring what will come with the next beat
and just live the moment

Still have the taste of metal and wood in my mouth
and thought that would be the right time to tell you

(I play a Selmer SA 80 II Alto Sax with a Berg Larsen mouthpiece – and just – love it!!)


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  1. >what a great celebration of your love….i have been trying to add you to my follow list or subscribe but it just doesnt want to know..can you send me an invite so i can follow from that?cheerspete

  2. >@ Pete: no – unfortunately no twitter so farDo you think it may work if I follow you on your blog (that was on my mind anyway..)?

  3. >I love reading about someone's passion and you expressed the enjoyment and pleasure you have with this instrument so well!

  4. >wonderful sensation of getting lost in music. I love live acoustic music and original sing/songwriters. Thanks for reading my blog. Keep writing, I'm following!Dianne

  5. >Claudia, this is positively BEAUTIFUL! I wish, with your permission (either in comment or prefer Email for this) to make a post using your idea. It would be different, in that I did NOT fall in love with the sweet sounds, etc. It was TERRIBLE getting started–for at least the first six years.But I would also like to use some of your words, , mixed with mine, IOW, NOT to quote yours…And CERTAINLY I would link this post to mine , so that any who wish might find where I received my inspiration.If you do NOT wish me to do this I will NOT, and we will still be blog-friends!!! OK?Peace and Love,Steve