>55 – The VIP

>You were the VIP of the Meeting

When all were gone – the 2 of us remained
You decided 2 have a tea
It was lukewarm – and we were chatting

Did I see a nano-seconds spark
of disappointment in your eyes
when business got back?

You finished your tea – and left

Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words
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19 responses to “>55 – The VIP

  1. >Ah Brian – no hint in this one – just a highly respected leader who needed to talk to someone "normal" before his business partner came back to disturb our little chat..

  2. >Claudia, Claudia, Claudia…This was terrific.I love those Mini-Connections.Most Excellent 55 My Friend.Thanks for playing today, I hope you had fun…Have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  3. >Welcome to the 55 club my friend. Well done. I sense a budding romance 🙂 Well done. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my playground 🙂

  4. >Had me thinking and searching for hidden clues, but your answer to Brian illuminated all. Having someone normal to talk to beats all those professional conversations.

  5. >Ahhh…these little connections that we make beyond the everyday can make life worth living. It is always a pleasure to think that we touch another's soul. Nice 55!! And thanks for stopping by mine, as well. :)-C