>Your touch

>You find your way with stunning ease 
and turn foreign into familiar ground
No coincidence – you know exactly what you do 
Gentle – yet determined 
Your hands – seem to have eyes 

You investigate and naturally capture territory
no one else would see
You are quiet and focused
and find your way with harmonic motion

I can feel the intensity of high precision work
and can’t take my eyes off you
You stir my longing – to see
Your hands – seem to have eyes 

You are confident 
and divulge what is – not yet – visible for me 
Unfolding a thunderstorm of sparkling emotions with gentle accuracy 
You are creating – and revealing – a world I couldn’t see before 
No cuts needed – it all flows together as a matter of course
Unfolding one-dimensionals into a blast of 3D
by folding – pieces of paper 
that come to life in your hands 
and cast their spell on me 
You are folding 

I met Sipho Mabona – Origami artist in Lucerne last week – and his work is breath-taking!!
It reminded me of the God I serve – who sees – and knows – and unfolds
And I would love to learn to see things in other people, that are not yet visible
and help to unfold what is one-dimensional into multi-dimensional beauty. 

This poem is for One shot wednesday, a new gathering place for poets and writers 
This poem is


22 responses to “>Your touch

  1. >I love origami. I grew up in Hawaii in an area with a lot of Japanese immigrants. Many of my classmates went to Japanese school and learned origami and I was always blown away about what could be done with paper and a lot of patience and creativity!

  2. >Sag mal, hast Du nicht vielleicht auch Melodien zu Deinen tollen Texten? Bei manchen könnte ich mir das richtig gut vorstellen! 😉

  3. >hi and thanks for your amazing entry into One Shot, a poem that took me in completely. As the page unfurled so did your piece, i look forward to reading more of your work..cheers Pete

  4. >Very nice how you piece by piece like the folds in creating origami you took each stanza…. I do believe in a believe multi-dimensional world you speak so kindly of here….you are blessed to view different dimensions of art and artists…. looking forward to reading it in your work….thank you for the vist and yes it is very nice to meet you…blessings…bkm

  5. >welcome to onestop! glad you joined in…gave me a smile…and a beautiful piece you brought to the table as well…was feeling quite intimate there for a few stanzas…nice reveal…took an oragami class myself at one point…they can do some pretty intricate things…

  6. >I loved how the poem unfolded, layer upon layer, taking me in first one direction and then another. Wonderful!Oragami is amazing, isn't it? I have friend who makes the most incredible pieces and the 3D effect never fails to delight me.

  7. >Very nicely done–beautiful writ, and passionately put. Would that I knew my way about origami…it holds so many layers and depths, both to the art, and in this poem. Oh, and welcome to the One Shot! I look forward to reading more of your work.

  8. >this was beautiful, and mysterious. of course i thought you were talking about one thing (and maybe you were?) and then i realized it was something else altogether.

  9. >WOW Claudia…that was a beautiful poem…and I loved the picture, too. Origami is really amazing to me – and I believe it's definitely art!

  10. >This poem is amazing – I really love it. My daughter's best friend doesn oragami and I am enlessly fascinated by it – however, the cranes in this photo are beyond anything I have ever seen. Have a great day!xo Erin

  11. >Those hands are so purposeful, gentle, loving. Just as the master handles his creation with a delicacy.Thanks you for this beautiful picture – folding and unfoldingLoved having your visit to One Shot

  12. >Doller Bill oragami I've done a fewI too loved the way you made my mind wander I thought back and remembered how people watch me fold up a flower or butterfly in amazement.

  13. >@ Kara lynn – it was me who wrote it – inspired by Sipho Mabona – when I watched him folding the origami…Thanks to all of you for your feedback – makes me really happy :=)Claudia

  14. >i guess i misunderstood. and i am incredible impressed. i love reading other bloggers writting and poems. i can think of no better way to inspire myself and my writing! and thanks for visiting my blog as well. all support and comments make my day!

  15. >I'm not gifted with words as you but I do enjoy reading them. I liked your poem and thoughts and how you were inspired by the origami artist.Oh, and I like that you can turn scary broccoli into a delicious soup :)I also think it is great that you are from Germany. It is my desire to one day visit especially the area where my ancestors lived.So nice stopping by for a visit!Kindly, ldh

  16. >you are so wonderful at capturing the awe and love I have for creative artists. keep it up. If I have trouble putting you on my follow-list, will you invite/help/whatever.Dianne