>I was growing in your garden for a while…

First, you did not see me – I was hiding between the flowers
When I grew bigger, I had to camouflage myself to deceive you
and I seduced you with pretty blossoms
I’m clever – and often underrated – that’s my advantage

The heat came and I – was gaining strength –
inversely proportional to the strength you did not have
to pull me out.
Saw your fights – and kept growing
You have good soil in your garden..

But tonight it was raining – the soil was soft and moist – and I saw your gaze
Don’t you ever forget – I’ll be back
Wherever there is soil –  you will find me – and I have many faces


6 responses to “>Weed-talk

  1. >This made me laugh. I think my weeds are thinking the same thing! It's been raining here for a week and they are just taking over our back yard…sometimes I think I can hear them laughing at us!