>You woo my heart

>It’s a wedding – and I can hear your voice, speaking to me with gentle kindness.
On a door that’s shut and should be open – on hurt feelings and trust which can’t be delivered easily.

You know me so well – and you love me so much. It should be easy to trust you – and yet – it’s not.
It makes me feel sad – cause you would deserve blind steps toward you – who else?

But you are not sad and you are not angry – you look at me with knowing eyes and a love you cannot hide – and you allow me to be afraid. You would never demand my trust or arrogate my love. You would never force it – cause you know that it has to grow – that it is about small steps toward you – that it is about learning and knowing that you would never forsake or betray me.

You woo my heart with gentle acts of kindness, with words of wisdom and solace. You are not in a hurry cause you know my heart and you know the key to my heart  – and I know for sure that it’s only a matter of time until you capture it.


6 responses to “>You woo my heart

  1. >smiles. some great textures to this…the desire but not…the seeing and hoping for capture yet maybe a little scared at what it might bring…nicely done.

  2. >So schön! Ist das von Dir? Ich staune und staune und staune!!! Und die Bilder, auch wieder so klasse! Respekt!!! 😉

  3. >Hi liebe Mariella – klar ist das von mir. Gott hat heute bei der Hochzeit ziemlich deutlich geredet… Während ihr dann Sekt getrunken habt, bin ich durch's Gebüsch gekrochen und hab' fotografiert….

  4. >fascinating piece, from somewhere deep within you. you say: you allow me to be afraid. that's a moment i'm unfamiliar with, and i want to know more about it. sounds like a stage you have to go through, have to be allowed to go through. original stuff. nicely done.

  5. >Ich dachte es mir schon … hat mich total berührt, irgendwie spürt man, dass es etwas ganz persönliches und intimes ist. Berührt mich grad nochmal, wenn Du schreibst wie deutlich Gott da gesprochen hat. Das sind so die Highlights!Wie schade, dass ich Dich nicht kriechen gesehen habe, war wohl so mit meinem Sekt beschäftigt! Mit dem Kleid wäre das sicher auch ein Foto wert gewesen! 😉

  6. >Hi Ed – yes you are right, it's like a stage I'm going through – and I'm afraid somehow – and God allows me to be afraid (and weak) He does not knock me over or demands something I can't give – I don't have to be strong. Often I put a lot of pressure on myself and today, we've been at a wedding and during the service, he spoke to me – very clearly – very serious – very loving …