>Dragged away

>It has been a long hot day – a business trip to one of the most beautiful places I can think of.

The lake, the mountains, daylight fading away…
We were sweaty and tired – official event – eating, drinking, talking – and I listened to his sound.
It was warm and full – sweet, soft and exciting – it had substance. I could not concentrate on words any more – the music dragged me away, mixed with the lake, the mountains, the heat, the sailboats.
It told a story I couldn’t resist – it whisked me away with sweet promises – impossible to withstand.

Cherished every harmony, every subtone, every gentle bending – being lured away from the sweaty heat to an explosion of feelings – to an in-between place where a gentle breeze touched my soul.

My colleagues indulged me – made it easy for me to keep pace with them – smiling – understanding – thanks folks!
I’m a Saxplayer as well – maybe he could feel it when he smiled at me when we left – maybe he knew he was playing just for me tonight…


15 responses to “>Dragged away

  1. >Oh Claudi … wie schön! Man fängt gerade an mit zu träumen … von so einem Moment! *schwelg*Schade, dass mein Englisch nicht besser ist … dadurch geht mir sicher doch noch einiges verloren. Aber ich lerne, brauche nur mehr Deine Posts zu lesen!

  2. >fyi…55s on Friday…just drop a comment at g-mans and visit others…there is also an online tool you can use "word calculator" that will count the words for you…pretty fun and always interesting to see what people come up with…there is no theme so it is wide open…

  3. >Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I love the pictures on your blog. I feel more relaxed just stopping by your blog, I need to do that more often. =)Carlywww.WordyOwl.blogspot.com

  4. >Claudia – I love your blog, too! It takes me to a different place and you say such beautiful things (something I feel I am still working on). Have a lovely weekend!xo Erin

  5. >Oh the saxaphone is such a sensual, sexy instrument. Candle light, warm sultry breezes, hypnotic soul stealing music…does it get any better! Sounds like a perfect evening. Thank you very much for coming over to visit me at my blog you are welcome any time.