>hibiscus heaven

>my heaven is of hibiscus today
and my friends are heavy loaded
they surf the sky
humming their gentle song
close to my ears
as if they want to tell me their story..
and i’m a willing listener

they fly and land on tender petals
like they belong there
and my heart gets tender with their humming
and spreading of pollen like stardust
and my soul starts to hum their song
and my eyes suck in the petal’s fragility
and remind me of my own

and i want to get soaked in stardust pollen
carrying precious freights to a hidden universe
feel the thrill when it covers my whole body
hum the song of bee-summer and freedom and knowing where home is
and fill my lungs with lingering, infatuating flowers-scents


>Wanna win – you

>You slammed me down with just a few words – cold as ice cubes – when you heard about the topic.
I broke in for a nano second – recovered – stayed cool – listed the advantages – tried do win – you – in vain…?

Today we met again – open points clarified – arguments gathered
You smiled – respect –  and said we go for it – looking at me with steel blue eyes which made a perfect match to your blue business shirt and part of the steel had disappeared somehow..
I looked back with chocolate brown eyes, which made a perfect match to my brown shirt – and it felt right.
You were the first one to accept my invitation for working on the details – and – yeah – I think – we’re gonna make it…

>55 – Exit!

>they turn up unexpected
they waylay
when the water is calm and the sun is shining
they grab me
and suck me in
make me feel helpless
lash about
knock me over
overwhelm me
for some seconds
-stop it-
i have learned to deal with them
stay calm
hold my breath
face them
dive in
swim down
and that’s where the water gets calm again
and EXIT!

The only real chance of escaping a vortex in water is to stay calm and swim to the bottom to exit – otherwise you drown. The father of a friend of mine used to do this just for fun when they were kids – I don’t do it for fun – and not in water – but with the vortices of life…

Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words – and link it back to g-man

>shall we dance…?

>lost my childhood way too soon
when childish carelessness was replaced with fear
and a foreboding
that no one would take care..if not i..

the waves were high
and the sea was stormy
i tried hard – to survive
but was soon exhausted
with heavy fighting
trying to keep myself from drowning
and beaten – day by day – by reality
and slowly losing strength and grip
sliding down the wall…
with no one able to stop my fall…

longing for a life worth living
and desperately seeking love
where you’re not supposed to find it
content with copies of love&lovemaking
some of ’em not worth the paper
they were printed on

collecting scars and bruises
like countless medals of ruin
in this game with only losers
and piece by piece – broke –

used and being used
in a fierce dance of destruction
that was when you came
like out of heaven
“shall we dance” was your question
and i said yes … had nothing to lose
and no clue of what was going on
until i felt warm arms around a cold heart
and a kiss that breathed back life..
it was when the broken jar met the potter
and healing slowly started to happen..

…and still we dance – day by day
’cause you have never let me go…

Check out imperfect prose on thursdays – hosted by a wonderful Emily Wierenga

>Chocolate summer

>It’s a wide land ahead of us
rolling hills
and fields ready for harvest
I don’t talk a lot today
just enjoy the sun
and your strong presence
as you bike next to me

We play uphill bike games
catch me if you can
I can’t
and we laugh
and you talk
and I’m in a dreamy mood

You have a chocolate ice cream
and we sit down on a bench
and I kiss you
your lips taste of summer and salty sweat
and your tongue tastes of chocolate and hidden mysteries
and I wish we could go on and on
biking – gaming – having ice cream
and taste and savor each others presence

This poem is for one shot wednesday – a new gathering place for poets and writers

>One step beyond

>I was prepared for everything
would’ve tried to talk you into it
had all arguments to convince you
defending my idea
and prevent it from just dying away

And I was running
into open arms
you were smiling
and looked at it from different angles
The one I had expected
the IT angle
and the one that took me by surprise
the web 2.0 angle

And you talked about
knowing the limits
and get close to them –  touch them
not staying safe – far away
You talked about someone
who was teaching you on competence
and said
If you have competence
and do not once a year cross your borders
you haven’t bailed out

And you talked about
mistakes that may happen
when you try something new
and you talked about innovation
and taking risks

And I loved it
and I sat there and smiled
and felt like a small child
in a kind of adventure game
And I left the meeting
with that kind of emotion mixture
only boldness and break-ups create

And I went back to my boss
and said I may dream
but I was not
and that still…makes me.. smile..

>Paint me an ocean

>There are times
when I would love to paint myself an ocean

sometimes a wild and stormy one
with dark clouds and huge waves
dangerous and exciting
and some days a rather calm one
with colorful fish
and dolphins that meet right next to me
laid-back and peaceful

And I would use different shades of blue
with some green in between – but not too much

Of course you can’t paint an ocean
only half-hearted
you have to focus
and see the big picture
but also every single detail – quite difficult

And whoever looks at it – yeah
can’t just be neutral – nonchalant
You will love it or hate it
You are ready to jump or run away
But yes – if I could paint – I would start today