>A thunderstorm of splints – got an award!

>Can you believe it – I got a blog award from Erin of “Dropped stitches”


As this is my first award, I’m happy as a child… :=))
So I’m supposed to tell you a bit of my blogs philosophy (if there is one) and pass the award on to some other blogger of whom I think their blogs have “substance”

I would like to start with my blog name – SPLITTERGEWITTER
It’s a joint venture of two german words that does not really exist in this combination and means
“a thunderstorm of splints”
And that’s what I want my blog to be – an unorganized thunderstorm of splints that come to my mind – incomplete fragments that find their way from my head into my fingers.  I want to write about the big and small things in my life. I want to share what I focus on at this very moment, what I love and hate, what makes me sad and over the moon, what makes me feel weak and lion-hearted strong – and maybe you like it or it makes you smile, sigh, think or lets you heart beat faster for a short moment. That would make me sooo happy!

I started this blog 3 months ago while preparing for a blog I would write at my workplace. The work blog is finished for the moment – but I caught fire – and so I blog on….

Now I would pass on the award to four bloggers I really like A LOT – two ladies and two men.
Why? Because I think they have indeed substance and they are the first blogs I read when coming home from work and they make me happy, sigh, hold my breath, capture my heart and much more…

First one is Emily at “In the hush of the moon” I just love her style of writing, her thoughts, her openness and although she’s miles and miles away, I feel fairly close to her.

Second is Ed at “Ed Pilolla” I fell in love with his words (he writes with a smiling ease and a capturing intensity) when he was “bribing the fireflies”

Third one is Brian at “WaystationOne” You have to read his looooong post about this boy “nobody” – so special and displays his fine-tuned sense for other people’s emotions.

And last but certainly not least, there’s Kristi at “Live and love..out loud” She indeed makes me smile and laugh/love out loud and I just enjoy her dry sense of humor and how she manages to mirror the funny side of life in very ordinary, common situations.


11 responses to “>A thunderstorm of splints – got an award!

  1. >Congratulations for your Award!!!Das is' ja'n Ding, gibts hier sogar Auszeichnungen. Aber Du hast ihn wirklich und wahrhaftig verdient! Meine Meinung, Du Poetin!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. >congratulations! you deserve it, and hey, i'm glad to know what the title of your blog is all about. and that is a cool title, for sure.thanks for the kudos on my blog. i am very honored to recognized by yourself. you made my day!

  3. >congrats on your first award…i am sure they will be piling in soon. smiles.so it was looong? lol. yes it was…making up for it with some short ones though. thanks for the smiles. and for finding me.love the story behind your blog name

  4. >Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words – I'm so happy that I have met you – I'm so thankful I started blogging – and I so love to read your blogs and glad that you share a part of your life with me :=))

  5. >wow, Claudia, thank you… i'm so sorry i've been so long-gone… traveling woos me far, but i miss my online community. i am catching up now, on your posts. beautiful as always. love and peace to you, sister. xo

  6. >I'm sorry for stopping by so late. It's been extremely crazy around here lately. Thank you so much for the award. I'm very honored. And congratulations on your award as well! I've placed the award in my trophy case and linked back to you. Thanks again!Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama