>Lost in your eyes

>Lost in your eyes…
gently wrapped in your calmness
Wonna come closer
to hear/to feel your heart beat
to capture your precious words, whispered to me

Strain fades away like flying smoke
Heavy waves flood my heart with deep assurance
and I want to/need to just let me fall – deeper
Wonna come closer
to feel the touch of your hand
Our plethora of silence – no more words needed
Abundance spreading – covering me
Need to come closer

I’m lost in your eyes
sensations of real and deep emotions, self-sacrificing passion, endless devotion
You hold me close to your heart – I’m save..
I know, I will not fall
Saw my name written on your hands
in deep lines with ink of suffering and affliction
Wonna come closer Jesus
Surrender to your love


9 responses to “>Lost in your eyes

  1. >i like this poem, and i really like how you linked a beautiful photo of nature to jesus at the end. the divine and nature, our longing to surrender, all part of the same world, seems to me. nice!

  2. >Claudiawhat you do with the award is post the button which you can copy from mine, tell a bit about your blog's philosophy, and pass it on to whoever you would like to. The blogger before me chose 10 to pass it to, I only did 7. And you can put your award in your sidebar if you'd like. Happy to have brightened your day!xo Erin

  3. >Brian, great you could sense the longing. Thought twice before pressing the "publish" button – but glad I didEd, I included the photo (which I took just a few days ago) because of how the ivy clings to the tree. I cling to Jesus just like that cause without him I would fall…Jia – thanks for following my blog – it's so nice to meet you!Erin – thanks again for the award – happy like a child…Aly and Big Mama Cass – glad you like my poemand Cathi – thanks for stopping byIt's so good to get your comments – love to get into conversation with you!