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Summer has finally come to Germany…
We missed you so much while learning to cope day by day with a plethora of raindrops, hoping day by day that this would be the last gray and rainy and cloudy day, aching for warm summer sun.

A plethora of cold rain – not warm, soft summer rain which kisses flowers and grass and makes you dance.
A plethora of heavy, frightening, dark-grey clouds – not fluffy, soft summer clouds in which you discover figures and forms and yourself.

Missed to watch the sky, lying on a meadow, forgetting the world, warm rays of sun on my naked skin.
Missed the humming of bees, the scent of flowers – it was so scent-less – this stolen spring weeks.
Missed the twittering of the birds – everything seemed to be so silent – holding its breath – waiting.
Missed riding my bike to work – a plethora of driving around in a closed, heated car – standing in highway traffic jams forever.

But everything has changed now – an abundant, plethoric, exuberant summer – a surplus of summer – a summer, no summerteaser could have prepared us for – started last week and the world has changed…


7 responses to “>Summer-plethora

  1. >You used "plethora" yesterday in your post and I almost commented then. Now here it is weaving its way in and out of your post. So abundant! I love it!

  2. >A plethora of anything bad is NOT the way to endure bad things! Much better solo.And I'm in love with your conjugation! Go you!And thanks for joining in!

  3. >Yep, it's official…I've fallen in love with your writing! I love the plethora of beautiful words you have here! I'm so glad you linked up and hope to see you again next week!

  4. >Mein Deutsch ist schrecklich. Es tut mir leid. Aber, was fuer eine schoene Post! Ich liebe "plethoric". Danke fuer spielen!