>The space between competence and effectiveness

>Is there space in between competence and effectiveness
for pleasure, for rays of sun, for a red colored moon, for overwhelming joy, for sparks of romance, for unlimited passion, for sitting in silence without being afraid of it, for thinking thoughts that cross borders, for snapshots of bliss, deep emotions that let me tremble?

Competence and effectiveness are like pillars to me – I hold them dear – but should not. They give me safety and security – they should not. They are the landmarks on my map – they should not. That’s what people see when they look at me – they should not.

I don’t want to get rid of them – but I don’t want them to stand out. I want to fill the space in between them with summerscents and purple rain drops, with blue sky and sun-scorched thinking. I want to fill the space to make it a colorful carpet of feelings, emotions, abundance, plethora, reflection, forgiveness, laughter and joy, love of the game, now-moments, now-thinking, now-living – and I’ll start today

Snapshot of myself – taken by myself – today (glad you can’t see the effectiveness and competence on it…)


8 responses to “>The space between competence and effectiveness

  1. >the space between competence and effectiveness. i don't think imagination really exists, and those dynamic images you roll out here symbolize the wondrous worlds not as easily seen in you as those two pillars. i'm just saying:)

  2. >trust me, i know just by reading this that you are full of so much–you have so much to offer the space between. not to mention, you're gorgeous!

  3. >@Lois – I love to make people smile :=)@ Ed and m.a.f. – thanks for seeing me in my words – that's great, isn't it that you can see the character of someone in his writing. m.a.f. – can't find your blog again – and would love to visit it but your blogger profile won't let me know…@ Brian – yes, I think I will find freedom – and much more – in between those pillars :=)@ Emily – sooooo good to hear from you. I feel really related to you, poet-sister, discovering your big heart in your writing@ a day in the dessert – glad you like my photo, I like it as well and I don't like me on many pictures…