>Now she holds it in her hands – her University-entrance diploma (Abitur) – my lady in red – Miri colorful – Miri creative – Miri flower power – Miri romantic – Miri caring for others – Miri booklover – Miri bicycle painter, Miri singer and piano player, Miri seeing what to do, Miri muffins baker… could go on for hours with writing down what is special and what I love about her.

Sitting there, watching this young people getting their certificate – and my daughter one of them made me proud. And it made me wonder how time flew by… Her first day at school – wasn’t it just yesterday when she started to read and write her first words. Now she speaks and writes 4 languages fluent…
Wasn’t it just yesterday when she needed my hand to walk to school her first week? Now she will soon be leaving for Bolivia for a year abroad before she starts to study… Words will never be enough to describe how thankful I am to go along with her this last 19 years. Milestones.

13 years ago – first day at school – Miri on the left-hand side with her friend Louisa 
and in the middle with her maths teacher left-hand and her friend Emily

5 responses to “>Milestones

  1. >wow. Time does fly. I will have one to graduate high school next year. Seems like yesterday he was just learning to read. Happy memories! Congrats to your graduate!

  2. >Ja, wie gestern. Und jetzt sind die Kids so groß und gehen IHREN Weg. Schnief(nah am Wasser!)Tolle Gedanken, super geschrieben. Glückwunsch zu Eurer Tochter. Sie ist echt klasse.