You have woven me
not accident, circumstance, fortune – not someone – YOU

You have woven me
not just mixed together like instant soup, not assembled, not in a hurry

You have woven me
slowly, thoughtful, meaningful

You have woven me
with yarns of excellence, talent, character, beauty

You have woven me
You took your time, thread by thread – row by row

by the master

in your image 

by your hand

Personal – Perfect – Individual
no copy – no rip-off- no bulk freight

Before anyone would see me, know me, kiss me, love me, hurt me
YOU knew me and created my inmost being
in the secret place


You created my inmost being
You have woven me in my mothers womb
From Psalm 139

Since I heard this verse today on my way to work,
it works in me, sings in me, gives me a feeling of destiny and purpose and makes me so thankful

9 responses to “>*Handcrafted*

  1. >Wow, Claudia!!! Immer mehr erkenne ich Dein poetisches Wesen. Super Sache Dein Blog, man lernt Dich von einer völlig (zumindest ich) Seite kennen!!! Bin total begeistert! ☼ So schön und berührend!

  2. >oh, i LOVE this! it's so perfect, claudia! thank you. i hope you can link up next thursday too. and if you want to share the imperfect prose button next week, that would be great too. love to you, poetess! em.