>Celebrating teens


Teens are so honest
so self-absorbed sometimes
so eager to learn
one day they know everything
and sometimes they don’t even know what’s going on in themselves
Teens are brave and shy at the same time
They want to change the world and don’t know where to start
They fill the house with their laughter and friends
and then sit in their room forever – closed doors
thinking – reflecting – asking questions – demanding answers
Next moment they will hug you and the door to their heart is open wide
Precious times!

My daughters were playing around, taking pictures of themselves with my new macbook. It was evening – bad light – no flash – but I love it. It’s so authentic, it’s so real, it’s so THEY

For more photos have a look at “iheartfaces”


8 responses to “>Celebrating teens

  1. >brave and shy at the same time. i love the balance act you see in the teens. the open hearts and closed doors. the ying and yang of a special (and tough) time. nice!