>Ladies night

Ever thought: She or he is better/nicer/more talented/more beautiful/more successful/more intelligent/more…whatever and because of this my “market value” is not as good as his/hers and because of this I’m less lucky and because of this the people don’t like me as much as someone else and because of this I can’t do the things, someone else is doing…

The bad news – it’s true for your job and in many other areas
The good news – it does not matter for God AT ALL

This is what the ladies night this friday in our church was about – showing that people are different – with different characters and different talents. But not with a different value to god.

We were singing this song which sums it up in a great way – where god says:
Nothing that you do will make me love you more
Nothing that you do will make me slam the door

And this is really good news! I don’t have to impress god with doing spectacular things for him and I can’t shock him by doing silly things sometimes. He may talk a serious word with me but his love for me will NEVER EVER change.

Does this give me security? YES
Does this give me freedom? YES
Does this make me relaxed? OF COURSE
Does it make me love him back? WITH ALL OF MY HEART

Ladies night means also yummy food ;=), good music with a nice sax player – > ME ;=) many nice ladies with lots of fantastic talents and marvelous decoration which starts at the doorsteps…

and ends up in the bathroom…couldn’t stop to take pictures…

7 responses to “>Ladies night

  1. >Claudia,First of all, I love that message…and it's one I need to remind myself of more often, because I am a girl who compares. A lot. Secondly, I love your blog! Gorgeous photos and a lovely layout. Third, thanks for visiting Graceful. It's so nice to meet you!

  2. >That looks like a beautiful and relaxing night! And what an encouraging reminder that our God's love is incomprehensible and infallible. 🙂