>Empty jars


Empty jars on my cupboard

Waiting for a kiss of summer
Waiting to be filled with
Flowers that burst the place with the magic of their colors
Flowers that will fill the house with infatuating fragrance
Can’t wait until summer has its breakthrough
and the sun pervades the garden and sneaks through every window
Can’t wait to fill those empty jars with all that a summer has to offer
Catching summer blues in every key

Was already on my way to bed when I walked past our cupboard, saw the jars and felt the words flooding through my mind. Had to write them down before they disappear..

..and yes – think that was the first poem I ever wrote…

17 responses to “>Empty jars

  1. >Wow, cool poem and lovely photo. I love the way you changed the fonts and set the poem on the page, love the thoughts of summer and the look of the whole thing. Good job.

  2. >That one really made me smile, Claudia. It has that same 'bursting out" feel as the flowers. Glad you opened the door and let us all in to your shiny new world of words.

  3. >The little glimpses, if we pay attention, give birth to the best muses…You started on the right footing. You are very good at paying attention. excellent.