>Powerful words which a man can’t resist

>There are many highly powerful words – but it’s hard to hold against this one:
“process optimization”
You think it does not sound that thrilling and unsettling and special – but the men around you will love it. They will get gleamy eyes when you use it and be eager to absorb it and start to react immediately.
If you write it  – never in capital letters – because even written in small letters, it’s extremely powerful.
Used carefully and in the right moment – in a meeting with your boss or in a discussion with your husband – it will gain you respect and admiration, a pay raise, a new hoover or the necklace you have discovered while window shopping last week…

It’s a word which has the potential to change your life.

We are talking just about the word – not about doing something – nor working hard – nor convince – nor plead – just about saying it – very relaxed – very friendly – very capable.
But make sure you emphasize it right. This is a word you should never mumble or use casually.
Make sure you have the right timing – and then go for it! This word works all over the world – in every culture – no matter how old your vis-à-vis is – 38, 62, 87 or 4. He only has to be – male…

So relax, take a seat – and let it work for you ;=)


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  1. >Hello – I am excited to come visit you blog and comment after you visited mine… and I am really enjoying it (Thank goodness for me you post in English!).Thank you for your inspirationAndrea from Thomberg Times in Minnesota/USA!