>Fragile jars


You are who you are
No matter where you are
Sometimes it’s easy – sometimes hard
But you are who you are
A treasure in fragile jars
Loved by a God who chose to die for you
Develop your gifts
Embrace the challenge
Look bright-eyed into the future
He will hold you
Develop – Bloom – Laugh – Love
Color your ambience
Make a difference
Fight for your dreams

The idea for this post came to my mind when listening to the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob – betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery, worked his way up – sent to prison innocent and in the end became the second man next to pharaoh in Egypt, able to save his family. He’s one of my favorite characters in the bible because he never gave up – and was just who he was – no matter where he was – what a man!


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