>Keep me from falling


Just spent a felt eternity at my piano, worshipping God.
It’s so good to have 
someone to turn to
someone who’s listening
someone who loves
someone who understands
someone who cares
And for me the best way to come to this someone – to God, to pour out my heart before him – is through music.
Does this solve all my problems?
No – but it helps me see them in relation to a mighty God who is bigger than my problems and able to solve them.
Remember when you were a child and had a huge problem. You went to your father and alone by telling him, you felt much better. Then daddy smiled at you and in the twinkling of an eye, he managed to solve it. “That’s magic” you thought. He always knew what to do and how to help and I’m just so thankful I have a God like this who holds me upright with his right hand – and keeps me from falling. That – for sure – is magic.


4 responses to “>Keep me from falling

  1. >What a beautiful way to put it. It's so true that our problems aren't always changed and life isn't necessarily easy with Our Father, but perspective . . . that can make all the difference!