Yesterday late afternoon, we finished work early and as Marketing Sales Department, we were spending a beautiful time at a  beautiful place with barbecue, hiking and Trotinettle downhill scooting.

On the way back my colleague said (with a swiss accent) along the way “This was a great summerteaser”……….. *BLING*

And while the conversation was going on, this word kept staying in my mind, developing a life of it’s own – and instantly I knew, this could be one of my favorite words for this summer.

A teaser is something that shows the best scenes of a movie – a clipping of the very best contents – the highlights – the big emotions – the action – the radiance.
And it leaves you with an eager desire to see the whole play – experience it yourself – dive into it.

And exactly this happened. Yesterday we had a cut-out of some of the best things, summer has to offer and it fueled my longing to get the whole basket – stirred a desperate wish to see and live and experience ALL OF IT!


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