>L.E.N.S. Photo challenge – Colors

>Taking part in the L.E.N.S. Photo challenge on “Home is where you start from” – which I think – by the way – is an excellent blog-title – really like it.

The topic this week is COLORS and I remembered taking a pic of my youngest daughter this winter with this colorful cap. Was it when she went to school in the morning? I don’t remember exactly – but this is speaking “Color” to me in all that black and white. Young people – preparing themselves to go to school and learn to have an impact on the world.
So I changed the pic to black and white except for the cap, where I intensified the colors a bit. Then I tried different things with the background – made it a bit softer and somehow the brown color came in – have no idea how….I’m a photoshop beginner…


11 responses to “>L.E.N.S. Photo challenge – Colors

  1. >I love this! wonderful color! I have photoshop elements, but haven't figured out yet how to put color back into the photo.thanks for entering!

  2. >I love the picture, I don't know the first thing about editing like that (I should try to learn)! But it looks great (and your daughter is beautiful)!

  3. >@Jen: you have to work with two layers. You remove all color from one pic and then you combine them again an use the rubber to remove the black and white and get colors again.@Nance: I'm a beginner with Photoshop and slowly try to discover what nice things you can do with it – > change eye color, remove wrinkles….and other useful things ;=)

  4. >GREAT picture, that is so totally creative. My son downloaded Gimp for a HS Digital Photography course he took this year. He said he'd show me how to do this. He did say it's not as user friendly as Photo Shop because it's free, but I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing your picture.

  5. >I like this! A lot! 🙂 I haven't delved into photoshop yet, but I want to so badly. I'm making myself wait to buy it in hopes my hubby will get it for me for my birthday this summer.