>Looking back on May


I think it’s a nice idea at the end of a month to stop and look back – thanks to Bine for the wonderful idea – and the great pic – I LOVE melons!!!
So this was my May – I….

READ: Photoshop instructions….
HEARD: Brian@daily audiobible.com 
SAW: lots of rain and beautiful flowers in my garden
DRANK: some nice redwine and lots of fennel tea on cool evenings (I LOVE fennel tea – have no idea why…)
ATE: the most lovely indian meal, cooked by my  daughter
BAKED: Italian Cantuccini for the first time – very yummy
WAS HAPPY: about a lovely bunch of my favorite flowers, hand-plucked by my daughter
PHOTOGRAPHED: a mermaid, reading Spurgeon
LAUGHED: about an Asterix and Cleopatra movie – no stones, no palace….no palace – no palace (start to laugh again by only writing it down…)
WAS ANNOYED: finding out I can’t play the Sax like Joshua Redman and probably never will….
STITCHED: I hate stitching – ever have…
SEWN: carried my sewing machine to my daughters room -does that count….?
BOUGHT: a Berg Larsen mouthpiece for my Sax – thought I will sound like Josh Redman with it – but it’s not working AT ALL! I still sound like…….me
CELEBRATED: every single, rare sunbeam
And how was your May?

2 responses to “>Looking back on May

  1. >What a great post. My May was much more un-eventful! Except for our giant road-trip!! However, I did read photoshop books too. I'm always reading some sort of tutorial!! Keeps the mind young!;)